1878-1904 GEM BU Morgan Silver Dollar From OBW Roll Estate Sale Hoard P S O

1878-1904 GEM BU Morgan Silver Dollar From OBW Roll Estate Sale Hoard P S O

1878-1904 GEM BU Morgan Silver Dollar From OBW Roll Estate Sale Hoard P S O

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✔Uncirculated Morgan $ UNC Dollar 1878-1904 BU $ SALE✔


Uncirculated Morgan Dollar Hoard



Over the past years of buying huge coin estates and purchasing various collections/hoards, we have amassed a large quantity of Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars Rolls. We have broken down our large quantity of them into single coin buy it nows which are now ready to be passed on to you at blowout prices! Each buy it now will contain 1x one Uncirculated Morgan Dollar dated from 1878-1904. All from original rolls or bags, meaning these coins are in stunning lustrous uncirculated BU condition!


There are absolutely NO common 1921 Morgan dollars in this group! There is a nice mix of ungraded Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco minted coins present. This collection includes many scarce and key dated coins! You will get no duplicate coins on orders up to 7. This means you will receive a wide variety of years and grades! Remember, every coin in this lot is in top quality mint condition, so don't wait!



Regularly  $139 , now Price Slashed 30% to this new low price only while supplies last! Please buy more than 1 or 2! Special upgrades below and a bulk discount when you buy 2 or more :)






• All coins are 118+ Years Old

(All Scarcer 1878-1904 Morgan Dollars! No 1921s Included!)


• Every Coin Is Mint Uncirculated

(Every single coin in this collection is in Brilliant BU condition! No low grade pieces!)


• No Damaged or Cull Coins Included

(No problem/damaged pieces included whatsoever! All pristine examples)


• No Duplicate Coins On Orders Up To 7

(You will not receive 2 coins with the same date/mintmark on orders up to 7! Orders above 7 may have some duplicate dates)


• All Coins Shipped In Protective Holders

(All coins will arrive in protective archival quality "crown flips" free of charge. Orders over 15 will arrive in a sturdy plastic roll/tube free)

These coins make as perfect additions to a collection, great gifts to family or friends, valuable items to sell at local yard sales, and as reliable investments. I have never seen these iconic coins go down in value, but rather up and up and up! These coins are becoming harder and harder to find, so buy yours before they all disappear! Remember, these coins are in pristine mint uncirculated condition and guaranteed authentic!


 Please buy more than one coin! If you just buy one coin, I will be charged so much in shipping and fees that it will make it hard for me to continue to offer these coins at such a low price. Furthermore, the specials we offer give you all the more reason to. This is a great way to own an affordable piece of history. 



• If buying multiple we will include a Morgan from each of the "big 3" mints! (Get a coin from the Philly mint, New Orleans mint, and the San Francisco mint)





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