2000 - 2022 Sacagawea Native American 58 Coin PD BU & Satin US Mint Roll Set

2000 - 2022 Sacagawea Native American 58 Coin PD BU & Satin US Mint Roll Set

2000 - 2022 Sacagawea Native American 58 Coin PD BU & Satin US Mint Roll Set

2000 - 2022 Sacagawea Native American 58 Coin PD BU & Satin US Mint Roll Set

2000 - 2022 P&D Sacagawea Native American Business Strike & Mint Set Satin 58 Coin Set

Up for sale is a beautiful and lustrous Uncirculated Sacagawea Native American Dollar Set showcasing all of the business strike and satin mint set coins in the series to date.  This fifty eight coin set includes both a P mint and a D mint regular business strike Sacagawea dollars from 2000 through 2022 (46 coins) PLUS the 12 "Satin" finish coins which were only minted from 2005 - 2010 (both P & D) and available only from the US Mint Sets sold to collectors (and not put into general circulation) .  All coins are directly from freshly cracked US mint rolls or US mint sets, handled with gloves and never circulated. These are nice coins with the satin issues being especially nice given the special mint handling they received. I have sold many of these sets in the past year or so (>180) as they are nice and very reasonably priced.

Only 10 of the coins in this 58 coin set were released into general circulation and therefore the mintages on most of the coins are quite low.  The Sacagawea coins are a popular series with numerous low mintage coins likely meaning these coins will appreciate over time.  Below is an excerpt from sacagaweadollarguide.com which explains the low mintages of the series and includes mintage figures for the regular business (circulation) strike coins, all of which are part of this set:

The circulation strike mintage levels for the Sacagawea Dollar series are interesting to examine. For the first year of the series, more than one billion coins were produced across the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This figure would decline drastically to about 130 million by the second year and to less than 8 million by the third year. The new dollar coins did not circulate widely as intended, so production was quickly scaled back and limited only to the demand generated from numismatic channels. From 2002 to 2008, the coins not distributed for circulation but only available within numismatic bags and rolls priced at a premium above face value. Over the years, collectors tended to order fewer bags and rolls, resulting in a trend of declining mintages. The lowest mintage coins under the original design are the 2008-P and 2008-D coins, with only 1,820,000 coins were produced at each Mint.

Starting in 2009, the series was given a boost when new legislation provided for annually rotating reverse designs. A stipulation was also provided that the Sacagawea Dollars, renamed Native American Dollars, must account for at least 20% of all dollar coin production during the year. Thus from 2009 to 2011, the popularity of the new Presidential Dollar series drove production levels for all $1 coins. Starting in 2012, the Presidential Dollars were only struck for inclusion within numismatic products, and the Sacagawea Dollars followed suit. The mintage low of the series was revisited with the 2013-P and 2013-D issues at 1,820,000 coins each.

2000-P 767,140,000
2000-D 518,916,000
2001-P 62,468,000
2001-D 70,939,500
2002-P 3,865,610
2002-D 3,732,000
2003-P 3,080,000
2003-D 3,080,000
2004-P 2,660,000
2004-D 2,660,000
2005-P 2,520,000
2005-D 2,520,000
2006-P 4,900,000
2006-D 2,800,000
2007-P 3,640,000
2007-D 3,920,000
2008-P 1,820,000
2008-D 1,820,000
2009-P 39,200,000
2009-D 35,700,000
2010-P 32,060,000
2010-D 48,720,000
2011-P 29,400,000
2011-D 48,160,000
2012-P 2,800,000
2012-D 3,080,000
2013-P 1,820,000
2013-D 1,820,000
2014-P 3,080,000
2014-D 5,600,000

$7.95 shipping charge for USPS Priority Mail (too heavy for <13 oz First Class Mail). 30 day return privilege.
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