NEW! Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) Digital NFT Cards for sale on eBay USA!

Garbage Pail Kids NFT Cards for sale on eBayGarbage Pail Kids Cards for sale on eBay USA
Looking for Garbage Pail Kids card NFT collectibles? Believe it or not you can purchase these items on one of the most trusted websites in the world...EBAY!
Your purchase is guaranteed by eBay, with one of the strictest buyer policies on the planet, either get the item you ordered...or your money back! You can now purchase from eBay Top rated sellers and your new NFT will be transferred within hours to your WAX wallet account! Ocean State Mint on eBay is one of the sellers that is making this possible. 
How do you purchase and NFT on eBay?
Find the listing you like, simply use the BUY NOW or ADD TO CART button on the eBay website. Purchase the item and send the seller your WAX wallet address. The seller then transfers the item to your account and it's done! Viola! You own a new Digital Collectible!
Need a WAX Wallet?
Oh my, it takes about 30 seconds to get on and it is FREE!
You just need an email address, that's it!
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Current Garbage Pail Kids NFT Cards for sale on eBay:

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