NFT FOR SALE-Laser Collar Trap-Saw Movie LOW Edition #21/1000

NFT FOR SALE-Laser Collar Trap-Saw Movie LOW Edition #21/1000

NFT For Sale-Saw Movie Laser Collar

Click on the photo to view the actual graphic version of this NFT. You can purchase NFT's directly from the current owner and either keep them for future value or resell. There are no items to ship or handle, simply purchase items and they will become part of your portfolio!

The Laser Collar Trap is an official Autograph NFT depicting content from one of the traps from the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures Saw movie franchise. Holders will gain access to Autograph's private community on Discord.

Users who complete and hold a “Set” of Saw Chapter 1 Collection NFTs at the Activation Date of 11:59 p.m. ET on October 31, 2021 and otherwise satisfy the Eligibility Criteria under the Terms and Conditions for the Saw Chapter 1 Collection, available at, will be eligible to receive one (1) NFT of Jigsaw’s Workshop. Terms per Autograph's Terms Of Service and Terms and Conditions for the Saw Chapter 1 Collection Sets.

Owner: P. Russo OSM Brands
Edition #21/1000

Blockchain: Polygon

For Sale: 11/12/21

What is an NFT?

You can think of NFTs as being kind of like certificates of authenticity for digital artifacts. They’re currently being used to sell a huge range of virtual collectibles, including:

NBA virtual trading cards

Music and video clips from EDM stars like Deadmau5

Video art by Grimes

The original “nyan cat” meme

A tweet by Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban

Virtual real estate in a place called Decentraland

As as Bitcoin and other crypto has boomed in popularity over the last year, NFTs have also soared — growing to an estimated $338 million in 2020. Each NFT is stored on an open blockchain (often Ethereum’s) and anyone interested can track them as they’re created, sold, and resold. Because they use smart contract technology, NFTs can be set up so that the original artist continues to earn a percentage of all subsequent sales.

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