NFT FUNKO POP Big Boy Server #935

NFT FUNKO POP Big Boy Server #935

See Actual Animated Item Here

If you haven't started investing in NFT's then now is the time to do it! For just a few cents, you can start collecting Funko Pop collectible NFT's on it is sort of like the eBay of NFT's!

Collecting, buying and selling NFT's is quite simple on AtomicHub, simply open a WAX wallet, buy some WAX crypto with your credit or debit card. Minimum coin purchase is $50, start searching for you new digital collectibles! Connect to WAX here: Get FREE WAX Wallet

In your WAX Wallet, you can safely store your coins and NFT assets, you can choose to hang onto them or sell them back in the marketplace. This can be very lucrative and fun to do and watch! 

Watch how they grow more valuable as the lower priced listings and bundle packs get bought up, as this happens, the minimum prices raise and so does the value of your collection! 

Find deals in bundles, where you can get 2,4 or even more for minimal cost! Then resell individually or in bundles! There are many themes on AtomicHub,

Start learning and earning! Join Now!


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