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NFT Crypto Photos - Rare - OFFICE GIRL #1 - Mint #8 of 11

NFT Crypto Photos - Rare - OFFICE GIRL #1 - Mint #8 of 11

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The Office Girl #1-The Meta Girls NFT Collection

Office Girl #1-Mint #8 of 11 total produced

Name: Office Girl #1
Collection: The Meta Girls
Owner: Ocean State Mint-Warwick, RI
NFT ID:#1099606418780
Wallet: WAXP

Instructions for obtaining this item:

If you already have a wax wallet address, simply purchase item and forward me your wax wallet address via the contact information on this website. Contact me here

If you DO NOT have a WAX wallet:

This is a simple process, simply go to and enter your email. It's FREE and you can access thousands of other items and store your NFT's in your secure wallet. After purchase, send me your WAX wallet address and I will transfer your new NFT asset to your account.

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