New! Start Off Spring 2024 with This Great Patio Set!

New! Start Off Spring 2024 with This Great Patio Set!

About this item

  • Refined with new materials: Our patio sets showcase PE wicker tested for 1000 hours of sunshine resistance, ensuring durability in any weather, indoors or out. The fade-resistant cushions, with a convenient zipper design, simplify washing. An adjustment knob is included to maintain sofa couch evenness. Elevate your living experience with our meticulously crafted patio sets for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.
  • CSA Certified Efficiency: Our patio fire table, boasting a 50000 BTU output, is CSA certified for optimal performance. The gas fire table features a stove made of premium 304 stainless steel, coupled with a dual-row burner design. This key selling point ensures not only durability and high-quality material, but also an enhanced output heat experience with the double-row flame outlets.
  • Clean Experience: The patio furniture set with fire pit powered by clean-burning liquid propane, it ensures stable combustion without ash or smoke emission. The gas fire pit features an auto-ignition burner and a user-friendly control panel, allowing effortless flame adjustment and switch control. Elevate your lifestyle with the simplicity and convenience of our CSA-certified outdoor fire table
  • Primary point: The glass tabletop of the fire pit table is bright, with a surface as smooth as a mirror. The thickness of the glass is moderate, ensuring sufficient strength and stability. The glass material possesses high-temperature resistance, allowing it to maintain clarity and transparency even under the high temperatures of a gas stove, without any deformation or discoloration. The overall black appearance adds a subtle and luxurious design element, bringing a sense of freshness and elegance to the entire space.
  • Versatile Arrangement Options: Tailor your layout to the courtyard's dimensions with the freedom of flexible combinations. The metal frame's bottom features secure fixing buckles, ensuring a sturdy form. This adaptability offers diverse arrangements, allowing for enjoyable conversation moments and versatile placement in your patio, backyard, balcony, poolside, porch, and even indoor spaces.
  • Important Note: The patio conversation set is delivered in 5 boxes, each potentially arriving at different times. We appreciate your patience during this period. The package includes 2 protective cover, 4 single chairs, 2 corner chairs, 1 coffee table with a glass top,1 fire pit table 10 seat fix buckles, cushions, and instructions. Based on our tests, it takes approximately 60 minutes for two people to complete the installation. In case of any issues, we guarantee a response within 24 hours.
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