NEW NFT Art By John Van Hamersveld (PostFuture) For Sale on eBay USA

About the Artist:

Take a deep-dive into the future with contemporary master Van Hamersveld in this vibrant Post-Future vIRL NFT Collection. Known throughout the world for “The Endless Summer” poster, JVH is brings his vibrant illustrations to life in the form of eccentric vIRL® NFTs – featuring both digital and physical collectibles. This collection is both a celebration of his phenomenal career and a reference to the 11-minute documentary John Van Hamersveld: Crazy World Ain’t It that has captivated fans worldwide since its release in 2020. A colorful glimpse into the kaleidoscope that is John Van Hamersveld's seminal art career, viewed through the eyes of many artists and innovators he has influenced. With his pulse on popular culture, Van Hamersveld’s mind is open and his ambitions ever-reaching. Artists and scholars of different disciplines refer to his work as a magical enigma, describing him as a man “of a different mind.” He has a designer’s sensibility, which takes his art far beyond being an artist who draws. Every inch, every wiggly worm, is carefully considered before an artwork takes shape.
Known for his psychedelic patterns and vivacious color schemes, Van Hamersveldʼs images capture the essence of their subject, distilling the most powerful elements of a picture down to a graphic icon that becomes an emblem of a feeling, movement, or a way of life. These iconic sensibilities and transformative designs he’s developed have been beneficial in the conception of logos, typography, and complete graphic identities for such brands as Fatburger, Contempo Casuals, Gotcha, and JIMMY’Z.
Van Hamersveld has also designed more than 300 album covers, most famously the Stones' "Exile on Main Street" and the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour”. He’s also created historic rock posters for Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, and so many more.
Current Items for sale by John Van Hamersveld: